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State of Ohio Divorce Records

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Obtaining Divorce Records In Ohio

You can write to the Ohio department of health below.

Ohio Department of Health
Vital Statistics
P.O. Box 15098
225 Neilston Street
Columbus, OH 43216

Ph: (614) 466-2531

The center has records since September 1949.

A Personal check or money order will need to be made payable to Treasury, State of Ohio. Phone (614) 466-2531 to verify the current fees, this will be a recorded message on how to apply. More information is also available from the Ohio Department of Health, Vital Records website.

Ohio Divorce Records OH:

Ohio Public Info

Divorce, also known as annulment and dissolution is the process where two people nullify their marriage vows legally. Ohio divorce certificates are filed in the county and local offices. This, unlike other public records includes the tedious procedure of visiting a court and involves a judge. To request Ohio divorce papers one must provide complete information on the individual and also the event for which the documents are required. Divorce records since January 1st, 1954 to present have been filed and stored. Certified copies of these records are available from the state health department. Divorce records are also available online for free or a small fee is charged for services rendered by the website.

Statistical reports issued in the year 2006 shows a total of 40314 divorces recorded. This shows that the divorce rates in the year 2006 were roughly around 3.5. Divorce including minor children estimated to 19,066 and minor children affected in the year 2006 due to the separation of their parents showed a figure of 33,438. This shows that the children put through legal separation of their parents underwent a lot of stress and trauma. Divorce records can be used for genealogy research though it is not as useful as other vital reports.

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